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Free Printable Christian Planner & Gratitude Journal

Free 1 Month Planner

This printable daily planner has been made available for free by The Christian Journal Co.

If you find the template useful and would like to support us, you can buy a 6 month hardback journal that includes instructional content as well as monthly, weekly and goal-setting worksheets on this website.
How To Use The Planner

This planner includes 1 month of daily pages to help plan your day and connect you with God.

Begin each day with prayer and give thanks to the Lord for something you are grateful for. This can be anything from the most important, such as 'good health', through to the often overlooked, such as breakfast or even your morning coffee!

Each day we've provided a biblical affirmation which we encourage you to reflect upon throughout your day. If you have time, you could even read the passage before you begin planning your day.

Next, it's time to plan your day. Start your list with at leats one most important item that you must complete that day - focus on this task first to maximise your chances of completing it. Finish your list with less important tasks that are not essential.

At the end of the day it's time to reflect on today's blessings. What made today great?

We have provided an example page to help get you started!

Supporting Tearfund

We donate a portion of sales to Tearfund, a Christian charity that works through local churches and organisations to help tackle poverty in over 50 of the world’s poorest countries.

In 2022/23 alone, Tearfund reached 1.4 million people through their community development projects.

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