Where To Start With Christian Journaling

Where To Start With Christian Journaling

Have you thought about keeping a Christian journal but you’re not really sure how to start? Maybe you’re not confident about your writing skills and you think that only people who are ‘good at writing’ should keep one. Whatever reasons have kept you from keeping a journal up until now; you need to know that none of them count for anything. Millions of Christians have discovered that keeping a record of their spiritual journey has brought them closer to God and you can be sure that it will work for you too.

When you start a Christian journal, you are making space in your life where you can have a one on one conversation with God. You don’t need to worry about spelling, you don’t need to worry about grammar, you don’t need to worry about what someone else thinks; this is between you and God. And once you start in on recording your spiritual journey you’ll find that it sits right alongside prayer, Bible study and worship. Once you start to look at your life through Christian eyes; once you begin to relate your highs and lows to Scripture, then you’ll find that all that stress and anxiety starts to slip away as you find yourself growing closer to God.

So, you’re going to need somewhere to record your thoughts. You see it’s not just the act of writing down your thoughts, it’s the fact that you can go back over what you’ve written; you can see themes start to develop; you can see the progress you’re making. Sure, you could use your phone or your computer, but those devices are full of distractions, they are not a private place. You’ll find that good old-fashioned pen and paper work much better. Having a conversation with God is the most important thing you’ll do in your day so you’ll want to record it in a book that you can keep, not just on odd scraps of paper. Any sort of plain notebook will serve but if you feel that some prompts and structure would help then maybe take a look at one of our journals.

If you’ve got the attitude, ‘I’ll do it when I get around to it,’ then you probably won’t. We’ve all got busy lives, but if you can’t find time for the Lord then something is really wrong. Make a space in your day. You can’t record everything, so don’t try. Start small and build from there. The Lord will guide you. And how will the Lord guide you? Through Scripture of course. Your journal will be a record of your thoughts and feelings but unless they are mediated through the Scripture then you’re just wasting your time, because a Christian journal is not just a diary, it’s about reflecting on your life in the light of God’s Word. When we open up our hearts with honesty and humility, that’s when we grow spiritually. What are you waiting for? Start talking to God today.


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